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About H4H

Who are H4H?

H4H was founded by Bryn and Emma Parry after a visit to the hospital at Selly Oak. It is a charity (Reg No. 1120920) which provides direct, practical support, primarily to those wounded in current conflicts. It was launched on 1 Oct 2007.

Why was H4H formed?

We donít care about the rights and wrongs of war but we believe that if young men and women are prepared to volunteer to serve our country on our behalf, and are hurt while doing so, they deserve our support. We want that support to be the best and to be there for life.

What does H4H do?

We raise funds and give grants to:

  • Build capital projects like the £8.5m Rehabilitation Complex at Headley Court, the H4H wing at Combat Stress, the £1 million enhancement of facilities at Blind Veterans UK, Llandudno or the Recovery Centres at Tidworth , Catterick , Colchester and Plymouth.
  • Help individuals. Where there is need, we provide immediate support to serving, veterans and their families through our Quick Reaction and our Individual Recovery Programme funds. As at August 2012, Help for Heroes has awarded £4.2m to these funds, helping 2,226 individuals.
  • Support Battle Back. We are Founder Patrons and supporters of the MOD Adaptive Sport and Adventurous Training programme, Battle Back which enables our wounded to Ďfeel the wind in the face and the sun on the backí. We also support veterans through our Battle Back Phoenix initiative at the Recovery Centres.
  • Provide grants to other delivery charities. We give grants to other charities to allow them to deliver services and support.
  • Stay in touch. Our Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters fellowships allow us to support the wounded, injured and sick and their nearest and dearest. Current membership (August 2012) of the Band of Brothers stands at 1360 and the Band of Sisters at 720 and these figures are growing daily.

Who do H4H support?

Our Charitable Objects allow us to support;

  • Serving members of the Armed Forces, both regular and reservists and their families.
  • Veterans and their families.
  • Those under command of the Armed Forces (e.g. journalists or others who are injured while embedded or under command, (i.e. Merchant Navy etc) on a case by case basis.
  • The urgent need is to support the wounded, injured and sick and their families. As our resources are limited, we have chosen to focus our support on those categories above that have had their lives changed by their service during the current conflicts. This is not exclusive and much of our support (ie to Combat Stress or Blind Veterans UK) also benefits those affected in earlier conflicts. We will always strive to help anyone affected by conflict, within our charitable objects, linking to other Service charities where appropriate. If in doubt, contact us and we will do all we can to help.

How do individuals get help? 

Serving personnel normally go though their chain of command but if you feel you are not getting anywhere or have left the services then just give us a call on 01980 846459 or send an email to info@helpforheroes.org.uk. We will always do our very best to help; thatís why we set up H4H. 

Does H4H work with other service charities? 

Yes, we donít want to replicate what already exists. We work in partnership with all the key Service charities and in many cases, assist them with substantial grants. For example, we provided a £3.5m grant to Combat Stress, who provide specialist care to Veterans suffering from psychological wounds. The grant paid for the much needed expansion, modernisation and reorganisation of their specialist treatment centre, Tyrwhitt House in Surrey. We have also committed a further £3m for ongoing support.

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