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What You Can Do
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What You Can Do

Support us
Write letters and send emails
Noise Reporting
Use the Internet to send free messages to our Politicians
Post messages in the forums of local websites
Planning process

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Support Us

Please let us know that you support us in fighting the proposed expansion of Lydd Airport by completing our online form.
If you have already told Louise of your support, please make sure we have your email address as, wherever possible, communications with supporters will be by email to save on costs. Your email address will be kept confidential and only used for LAAG business.
Please use the online form or email Peter Faulkner at

Write Letters and Send Emails

Template Letters to Secretaries of State

Please write to the two Secretaries of State responsible for determining Lydd Airport’s planning application - the Secretary of State (SOS) for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles and the Secretary of State for Transport, Justine Greening.

  • Write to Eric Pickles at the address at the top of the template letter here, which you can alter to personalise it.
  • Write to Justine Greening at the address at the top of the template letter here, which you can alter to personalise it.

Planning Applications

Please write opposing the planning applications. The address to write to is at the top of the template letter here, which you can alter to personalise it.

Public Enquiry

Please write calling for a Public Enquiry. The address to write to is at the top of the  template letter here, which you can alter to personalise it.

Department of Transport

Please write to the Department of Transport at
Zone 1/11
76 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 4DR         [see here for the SERAS report]



 newsdesk.heraldexpress@kentregionalnewspapers.co.uk, or write to:-
The Editor
Westcliffe House
West Cliffe Gardens
Folkestone Kent CT20 1FH 

Kentish Express 

kentishexpress@thekmgroup.co.uk, or write to:-
Kentish Express
93-95 Sandgate Road
Folkestone, CT20 2BQ 

Kent on Sunday 


Note: all papers require that letters have a name & address and day time phone number – Names and addresses will be withheld for valid reasons


Please write to your MP:-

The Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP
House of Commons
London SW1 OAA            

Michael Foster, MP
MP for Hastings and Rye
House of Commons
London SW1 OAA 

Damian Green, MP
MP for Ashford
House of Commons
London SW1 OAA

Local Council

Shepway District Council
Mr J T Stack
Head of Planning
Shepway District Council
Castle Hill Avenue
Kent CT20 2QY             

Your Local Councillors

Writing to our local Councillors can be very effective, both by trying to persuade those not so sure that they should oppose the expansion, and by giving information to those who support us. On the lists, those highlighted are the more appropriate Councillors to write to.

and tell them of your concerns and asking for their support.

    Information Library - go here for help and information when writing or emailing in support of  our campaign.

Email Lydd Airport

The email address of the airport is  frontdesk@lydd-airport.co.uk and of Lyddair is  frontdesk@lyddair.co.uk.
Please let them know your views.

Noise Reporting

First, call the airport (01797 322 400) to report the incident noting the date and time of the incident. If the call is not taken leave a message (Option 1 twice). In addition, ring/email Helen Brown, LAAG’s reporting officer on 01797 367 886, email helenfitz91@hotmail.com or write to her at 87 Dunes Road, Greatstone, Kent, TN28 8SP, repeating the same details.
You can also complain to
the Civil Aviation Authority, either on www.caa.co.uk or to tel 020 7453 6524/5, and to your Shepway District Coucillor..
Remember you must ring the airport first to leave details before you log your complaint with Helen and others.

Use the Internet

You can use the Internet to contact your Councillors, MP and MEPs for free. Just enter your home or work post code in the box and you will be able to view links and send messages to all our elected representatives.

Your Politicians

Post Messages in the Forums of Local Websites

Many local websites have forums, message boards and guestbooks where you can post messages:

Visit these forums and post your comments, concerns etc online.

Planning Process

Find out about the planning process and how you can object to the expansion: