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Here we will publish relevant correspondence from LAAG, its members and other members of the public, and LAAG Newsletters

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Date To Subject
17 September 2004 Shepway District Council

Development at Lydd Airport

29 September 2004 Kent County Council

Kent Structure Plan

2 October 2004 Sandy Bruce-Lockhart

Expansion of Lydd Airport

February 2005 Local Newspaper

Expansion of Lydd Airport

April 2005

South East England Regional Assembly

LAAG Response Template to SEERA South East Plan

15 April 2005 Shepway Councillors

Motion to expand the expansion of Lydd Airport

18 April 2005 Shepway Councillors

RSPB Position Statement

June 2005 Richard King KCC

Lydd Airport-Policy TP 25 Response Template

1 September 2005

LAAG article in Herald

29 January 2006

Editor, Kent on Sunday

Nuclear Power Stations and Regional Airports

18 May 2006 Daily Telegraph

Nuclear Safety

November 2006

LAAG article in Kent on Sunday

March 2007 Private Eye Article  
11 March 2010 Shepway District Council GOSE Holding Notice