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Welcome to the website of the Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG). LAAG represents people who are opposed to the expansion of Lydd Airport.

Situation as at December 2020

Lydd Airport was granted planning permission for a 444m extension to its runway and a new terminal to increase its passenger numbers to 500,000 passengers per annum (ppa) in April 2013, enabling the airport to expand from a local airport servicing largely small aircraft to being a regional airport capable of supporting large passenger aircraft.

The runway extension has not physically taken place but in planning terms sufficient work has been done for the airport to discharge its obligation to extend the runway within 3 years. Lydd Airport has until 2023 to build the new terminal.

Once developed, no other regional airport in Europe and most likely the world will be located as close (less than 3 miles) to a nuclear power complex.  The airport is also located near two active military ranges - less than 2 and 8 miles respectively from the Lydd and Hythe military ranges. The restricted airspace above these ranges and the nuclear power stations reduces both the commercial attraction of the airport and flight safety margins as many procedures are non standard as a direct consequence of the necessity to avoid airspace near these hazards.

The area surrounding the airport includes some of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the UK and these areas are protected by National and European environmental laws. Lydd Airport is also located under one of the main migratory bird routes in the south of England and is separated from the Dungeness nuclear power complex by one of the RSPB’s major bird reserves. 

Yet, despite voluminous quantities of evidence from many experts that Lydd Airport operating at such a level was unsafe and environmentally damaging, the government approved the development in April 2013.  High court cases by both LAAG and the RSPB in 2014 were unsuccessful but since these cases examined the merits of the process, rather than the merits of the facts, their outcomes do not detract from the evidence that Lydd Airport is an unsuitable location for a regional airport and that as a result of its development the risk of loss of life and damage to the environment will be too high.

How the Expansion Will Affect Romney Marsh

Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG) believes Lydd Airport is not a suitable site for a regional airport. It is situated less than 3 miles from the Dungeness Nuclear Complex, less than 2 miles from the Lydd military range and approximately 8 miles from the Hythe military range. The airport is also surrounded by fragile natural habitats protected under European and UK laws and located under one of the main migratory bird routes in the South of England. The extended runway is only 600m from the Greatstone primary school.

Flight Path Maps

CAA ILS Flight Path Map
NDB Flight Path Map
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Noise Reporting

It is important to report the noise of the aircraft over Lydd Airport.

Please go here on how to do this.

Map showing the distance of the runway from Greatstone Primary School
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In April 2013 the government approved Lydd Airport’s planning application and soon after LAAG lodged its High Court Appeal to overturn the decision. The government rates the creation of 135 jobs by 2026 - which is less than the number created by a modest super market - over crucial environmental and nuclear safety issues. 

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The large scale expansion of Lydd Airport will damage the unique natural habitats on Romney Marsh and urbanise this important rural area. The development is also dangerous. The introduction of heavy aircraft such as the Boeing 737raises the probability of an aircraft accident at the Dungeness nuclear power complex leading to a serious radiological release to unacceptably high levels. The government has chosen to ignore this evidence.
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If Lydd Airport’s development proceeds, no other regional airport in Europe and possibly the world will be as close to a nuclear power complex.  

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