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Welcome to the website of the Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG). LAAG represents people who are opposed to the expansion of Lydd Airport.

LAAG lodges appeal with High Court
over Lydd Airport decision

Background Response to Planning Application - Public EnquiryPost public inquiry consultation April/May 2012

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Flight Path Maps

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Noise Reporting

It is important to report the noise of the aircraft over Lydd Airport.

Please go here on how to do this.

Map showing the runway, protected habitat and the runway's proximity to Greatstone Primary School

Public Inquiry (15 February - 16 September 2011)
The public inquiry closed on 16 September 2011. more

LAAG's Closing Statement
You can read LAAG's Closing Staement here.

LAAG's Evidence
You can read all of  LAAG's evidence to the inquiry here.

The Inspector is required to produce his report and recommendation to the government by 14 March 2012. The decision will be made by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and the Secretary of State for Transport.

Council Meeting 3 March 2010

Shepway District Council Vote in Favour of Lydd Airport’s Planning Application against the Wishes of the Public, Leading advisors and the Recommendation of their own Planning Officers 

On March 3rd, 2010 Shepway District Council voted in favour of the large scale development of Lydd Airport – an extended runway and new terminal to cater for the first phase (500,000ppa) of a 2million passenger per annum (2mppa) longer term target.  Twenty seven councillors voted in favour of the development and thirteen vote against the proposal. The councillors overruled Shepway planning officers who had recommended that the planning application should be opposed because Lydd Airport was unable to demonstrate that the development would not have an adverse impact on the European ecological sites that surround the airport.  

The development was supported by Michael Howard MP at the meeting and the prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate, Damian Collins in the local press. 

The large scale development of Lydd Airport will irreversibly change the character of Romney Marsh through noise and air pollution and the inevitable urbanisation that follows in the wake of airport growth.  The development puts at risk a natural environment which is unique in Europe, raising the possibility of rendering extinct, species that are unique worldwide to Dungeness.  

The development also poses risks to the public. Lydd Airport is located less than three miles from the Dungeness Nuclear Power Complex which means in the future large aircraft such as the Boeing 737 weighing over 70 tonnes fully loaded will be taking off and landing less than 60 seconds flight time away from the nuclear power complex.  The risk of crash damage is too high and the consequences of an accident too great.

So, for the sake of a limited number of low paid jobs, these twenty seven Shepway District Councillors have put at risk our unique environment and our safety.

Names and addresses of the 27 councillors [33kb file]

For more information about councillors, please click here.   

Damian Collins MP    email: damian@damiancollins.com


Council Minutes 3 March 2010       click here to view [110kb file]

The minutes show how the council deleted information it did not like in the Appropriate Assessment - the document that assesses whether there will be adverse impacts on the European protected habitats that surround the runway and airport - and replaced this information with that provided by Lydd Airport which allegedly demonstrated that the airport would NOT adversely affect the European Sites. Once the Appropriate Assessment had been doctored to allegedly show that the development would not harm the protected habitats, the Council was free to vote for the planning application.

Public Inquiry Granted

In June 2010 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government called in London Ashford Airport’s (Lydd Airport’s) planning application for a public inquiry. The controversial nature of this planning application resulted in a record 14,000 pieces of correspondence being received by the Government Office of the South East -  over 98% were opposed to Lydd Airport’s planning application due to the adverse environmental and public safety consequences of the development.

Planning Applications

The planning applications for the large scale development of Lydd Airport are now available on Shepway District Council's web site. To view them please click here and then enter the Application Numbers Y06/1647/SH and Y06/1648/SH in the box provided.

The airport has submitted 2 planning applications - one for a runway extension based on 300,000passengers per annum and one for a new terminal based on 500,000 passengers per annum. The airport's true goal, which is openly expressed in the two planning applications, is to achieve passenger numbers of 2million passengers per annum by 2015.

LAAG Response to Planning Application

LAAG has objected to both these planning application. Information on LAAG's response can be viewed by clicking the links below:

LAAG Response to Fourth Set of Supplementary Information - January 2010


LAAG Response to SDC [218kb file]
Appendix 1a - Approach 03
Appendix 1b - Approach 21 - AB
Appendix 1c - Approach 21 - C
Appendix 2 - Spaven Consulting Report
[537kb file]
Appendix 3 - ATR Visual [617kb file]
Appendix 4 - ATR Noise [675kb file]
Appendix 5 - Swift Ecology Report [675kb file]

LAAG Response to Third Set of Supplementary Information - April 2009
    Final Response to SDC
[164kb file]
    Appendix 1 - Response to SEERA Change Consultation [398kb file]
    Appendix 2 - Spaven Consulting - Lydd vs Manston [284kb file]
    Appendix 3 - Spaven Consulting - Review of SEI (3)  [328kb file]
    Appendix 4 - Swift Ecology - Review of Drainage Strategy [122kb file]

LAAG Response to Second Set of Supplementary Information - October 2008
    Final Response to SDC 3 [256
kb file]
    Appendix 1- Spaven Consulting - Flight Paths [1,0904kb file]
   Appendix 2 - Large & Associates - Nuclear Safety [
182kb file]
   Appendix 3 - Ismay Report - Invertebrates [
146kb file]
   Appendix 4- Swift Ecology - Great Crested Newts & Other Ecological Issues [221
kb file]
   Appendix 4A - Figure 1 - GCN Habitat Map [
684kb file]

LAAG Response to Supplementary Information - November 2007
   Supplementary Information - Summary [106kb file]
   Supplementary Information - Detail [260kb file]
    Comments on Aviation Operational Aspects [537kb file]
    Supplementary Environmental Information
[157kb file]

LAAG Response to Planning Application - April 2007

   LAAG response to the planning applications - summary [130kb file]
   LAAG response to the planning applications - detail
[417kb file]
   Appendices 1-6 Maps [2,185kb file; note large file]
   Appendix 7  Dr John & Barbara Ismay - Invertebrate Assessment
[294kb file]
   Appendix 8  John Large - Nuclear Safety
[868kb file]
   Appendix 9  Owen Williams - Transport 1
[120kb file]
                                             Transport 2 [94kb file]