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2 million passengers by 2011 and 6 million by 2021 will need to get to and from the airport


the proposed extension of the runway that will allow large commercial jets into the area (737s and A320s)


the infrastructure build to support the level of demand mentioned above would result in pollution on the ground and in the air degrading the living standards of Romney Marsh residents

Road Traffic

existing road infrastructure (A259, A2070, B2075) cannot cope with a major increase in traffic - there are already severe bottlenecks in the Rye area - and since there is strong commercial evidence that the proposed rail link will not be viable, all communication to the airport will be by road. Two million passengers per annum imply one million extra car journeys on Romney Marsh per year, while the aviation fuel/servicing demands of the airport will substantially increase commercial vehicle traffic in the area.


the infrastructure build to support the development will urbanise Romney Marsh and destroy nationally and internationally important wild life habitats


LAAG's full page advert in the Herald - published 7 April 2005


Lydd Airport intends to make a planning application for a 300m runway extension to cater for 2 million passengers per annum by 2011, rising to 6 million per annum by 2021, making the airport comparable to Luton airport today. 

The longer runway will enable jet aircraft such as Boeing 737s to operate from Lydd Airport, leading to increased noise and air pollution and loss of wild life habitats across Romney Marsh.  

Jet aircraft flight path noise will affect residents living in Hythe, Dymchurch, St Mary’s Bay, Littlestone, Greatstone and Lydd-on-Sea. New Romney and Lydd will also be affected being close to the flight path. 

Low cost airlines sell “ease of access”. We believe 90% of the passengers will travel by car creating one million extra car journeys on Romney Marsh per year and the need for over 4000 extra car park spaces near the airport. 

Low cost airlines employ small numbers of people, creating less than 400 mainly unskilled airport jobs per million passengers, but degrade the living standards of many times this number.   

Low cost airlines need 24 hour operation, electronic ticketing and minimal food and baggage handling services to be viable. 

To register your support join the Lydd Airport Action Group and write to your member of parliament, the Rt. Hon. Michael Howard, QC, MP, expressing your views.     


For further information about LAAG and free membership contact:

Louise Barton               blmbarton@aol.com

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