Press Release: May 16 2014

LAAG’s Appeal unsuccessful: Danger ahead

Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG) is disappointed that we have been unable to quash the government’s decision to grant Lydd Airport permission to extend its runway and build a new terminal to support a throughput of 500,000 passengers per annum.

A Section 288 Appeal focuses heavily on process, not the merits of the facts. This development will lead to the introduction of large aircraft, such as the Boeing 737, taking off and landing within 60 seconds flight time of the Dungeness Nuclear power complex. No other regional airport in Europe, and possibly the world, will be located as close to a nuclear power complex.

LAAG contends this development will result in the probability of an aircraft accident at the Dungeness Nuclear power complex being outside the threshold which the nuclear regulator regards as acceptable.

Lydd Airport’s expansion is not in the public interest.

Louise Barton
Lydd Airport Action Group
The Hook
Madeira Road
Kent ,TN28 8QX,

01797 361 548

Notes to editors:
Lydd Airport is owned by Sheikh Fahad al-Athel, a Saudi businessman.