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Press Releases

LAAG Press Releases              Other Press Articles

Press Releases Following Granting of Planning Permission


7 August
Flight Path Changes

7 March
Extension Delay/Helecopter Movements
25 June
Possible Brexit Repercussions/Uncertainties

2 June
The runway has been extended legally, but not physically
27 December

31 December

30 December

Press Releases Prior to Planning Permission

Date Subject
25 October Statement to New Romney Town Council
25 January

Proposed Runway Extension-Call for Public Inquiry

21 February

Flight Path and House Prices

14 March

LAAG Supports Shepway’s Decision NOT TO SELL Lydd Airport Freehold

7 April

Response to Michael Howard's initiative to compensate local residents

30 May

Lydd Airport - Sheikh Fahad al Athel

10 July

Dungeness Power Station - Increased Risk of Aircraft Damage

25 July

Kent and Medway Structure Plan - Lydd Airport

15 August

Destruction of Great Crested Newt Breeding Pond

5 September

Dungeness Power Station - Withdrawal of 1nm Flying Concession

15 September

Dungeness B - 10 Year Life Extension - Urgent Review of Flight Safety Restrictions Needed

26 September

Lydd Airport - Planning Application Delayed to 2006

17 October

LAAG Appoints Nuclear Safety Consultant

22 December

Airport Proposes Larger Runway Extension - 444metres

16 February

Lydd Airport Expansion Reduces Safety at Dungeness

5 June

CAA Approved Landing Flight Paths

3 July

Lydd Airport Flight Paths

11 July

Nuclear Safety

21 August

New SSSI Designation

11 October

Lydd Airport Planning Application - Crash Damage Safety Case

18 December

LAAG Opposes Lydd Airport Planning Application

15 January

Revised Nuclear Safety Cases Needed for Dungeness

22 January

Lydd Airport Expansion Plans To Jeopardise Dungeness C Planning Application

5 February

Lydd Airport Cuts Job Estimates by 40%

12 February

Lydd Airport - Local Referendums Called

26 February

Boeing 737 Test Flight - Lydd Airport

6 March

British Energy Opposes Large Scale Development of Lydd Airport

12 March

Lydd Airport Referendums Approved

19 March

LAAG Announces On-Line Petition

26 March

Aircraft Crash Damage Risk at Dungeness Nuclear Power Stations

5 April

Lydd Airport Referendum Results

25 June

Wild Flowers of Dungeness

30 August

Lydd Airport Deleted from South East Plan

19 November

Aviation Consultant Criticises Airport Information

24 December

British Energy Objects to Lydd Airport’s Expansion

8 January 2008

LAAG Appoints Legal Advisor

14 May 2008

Inappropriate behaviour of Councillor Paul Carter

13 October 2008

Lydd Airport’s Expansion - Nuclear Safety Remains an Issue

3 November 2008

Lydd Airport’s Planning Application - Opposition Reiterated

8 December 2008

LAAG approaches European Commission over potential infringement of Habitats Regulation

2 February 2009

European Habitats Legal Opinion in LAAG’s Favour

20 April 2009

Lydd and Manston Airports Report Losses

18 May 2009

Lydd Airport’s expansion conflicts with new South East Plan

29 June 2009

Lydd Airport’s Planning Application - Postponement of July 9th Determination

27 July 2009

Matthew Horton Q.C. to represent LAAG

28 October 2009

Determination March 3rd 2010 and FOI Request

18 January 2010

Lydd Aiport - New Flight Paths

2 March 2010

Howard Supports Lydd Airport - House Price Compensation is not the Answer

4 March 2010

Lydd Aiport - Long Legal Battle Ahead

7 June 2010

Queen’s Speech does NOT support Lydd Airport’s expansion

24 June 2010

LAAG Welcomes Public Enquiry

7 September 2010

LAAG Welcomes Extension to European Habitat Network at Dungeness

22 February 2011

Lydd Airport Action Group in “David and Goliath” battle over campaign Funding

22 February  2011

Lydd Airport: local resident group sends simple message to the Secretary of State: “This is an inappropriate site for a regional airport”

16 May 2011

Fukushima in the making

5 July 2011

Ex Principle planning Inspector tells Public Inquiry that application for Lydd Airport’s expansion should be refused

14 July 2011

Fred Cuming R.A speaks out against the development of Lydd Airport in Kent

20 August 2011

Two miles of nine foot high fencing missing from Lydd Airport planning application:  Public inquiry likely to be delayed

19 September 2011

New nuclear risks at Dungeness spelled out in LAAG’s closing statement

18 October 2011

LAAG welcomes the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s recommendation to review planning controls for proposed developments close to nuclear power stations

25 April 2012

New report shows the UK nuclear regulator was wrong in not opposing Lydd Airport’s planning application

24 July 2012

 Nuclear regulator forced to review aircraft crash risk

25 March 2013

 UK government risks infringing nuclear safety legislation over Lydd Airport

10 April  2013

Lydd Airport development approved by SOSs - legal challenges to follow

29 May 2013

LAAG lodges appeal with High Court over Lydd Airport decision

14 January 2014

High Court Hearing to Quash Lydd Airport Decision Imminent

16 May 2014

LAAG’s Appeal unsuccessful:  Danger ahead

7 March 2016

LAAG’s Appeal  Search & Rescue service adds to long term risk of aircraft accident at the Dungeness nuclear complex following planning condition change unsuccessful:  Danger ahead

5 December 2016

Kent Crime Commissioner urged to speed up delayed Police investigation into suspected bribes accepted by Shepway District Councillors

Other Press Articles

Date Subject
14 April 2005

RSPB say Lydd airport plans ludicrous

29 May 2005

'Howard backs arms dealer's airport  bid' - Mail on Sunday article

3 June 2005 'Noise from aircaft can affect reading skills among pupils' - Daily Telegraph article
12 March 2010 Natural England  'call in'' request
March 2010 'Private Eye' article
Nov 2011 'Private Eye' article
Dec 2011 'Private Eye' article